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Below there are 14 videos that answer 14 basic questions such as How does the family help and support an addict or alcoholic? Who is at the highest risk of becoming addicted?
These questions are being answered by Angelina Gripp, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and Founder of Arena Therapy

Angelina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as the Founder of Arena Therapy Services, LLC.   Angelina has a master’s degree in Social Work from USC with a Major in Mental Health where she graduated with a Dean’s Recognition for Leadership. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. My primary areas of expertise are dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, addiction, PTSD, & trauma. A background in social work, psychology, leadership, program development, research, and extensive training in mental health are assets to her experience and passion in the field of addiction and mental health. 

Leading a team as Clinical Director from 2015- early 2018, both as a leader, part of a treatment team as well as actively practicing as a clinician from 2014 has been a part of her journey of experience in the field in the addiction & the mental health field.
"As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I practice first from a Person-In-Environment perspective preferring an integrative treatment model approach to treatment. Individual, group and family therapy are common treatment modalities.